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Activităţi educative

Dragi parinti, anul scolar 2015 - 2016 a debutat cu doua materii optionale la clasele a IV a. Acestea au fost alese conform dorintelor dvs. si anume Informatica pas cu pas  si English through songs.
Daca pentru prima materie, Informatica pas cu pas, elevii isi vor forma deprinderi moderne  de utilizator a calculatorului , pentru optionalul de Engleza va vom prezenta pe scurt activitatile si obiectivele acestuia.
Optionalul intitulat English through songs ( Engleza prin cantece), combina Muzica, Miscarea si Limba Engleza astfel incat invatarea sa se faca intr-un mod cat mai placut si relaxant.
Activitatile variaza in continut si forma, elevii fac miscare, canta, relationeaza in mod constant cu ceilalti colegi. Vocabularul elevilor este in mod constant dezvoltat cu elemente legate de:
1. partile corpului
2. animale domestice si salbatice
3. insecte
4. diferite activitati legate de rutina zilnica
5. zile de nastere
6. sarbatori religioase
7. exercitii fizice
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Cu ocazia sarbatorilor de iarna, elevii claselor V-VIII, cordonati de doamna profesoara Daniela Cristea au colindat in limba engleza

Elevii clasei a IV a de la Scoala Dimitrie Luchian, impreuna cu doamna profesor Cristea Daniela, au colindat in limba engleza pe micutii clasei pregatitoare.
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Exploring English: Language and Culture

Dear all,

Happy New Year and all the best wishes for 2015!

This is to let you know about an opportunity which the British Council offers to students who are interested in finding out more about British culture and improving their English language skills. It is a MOOC course, entitled Exploring English: Language and Culture, which starts on February 2nd. Participation is free of charge and registrations are open until February 2nd. Please find more information about it below:

Could you pass this information to teachers in your county, who will then be able to inform their students about the course?

Do not hesitate to get back to me if you have any questions about it.

Thank you and best wishes,

Or visit this link or this one